Zinc and Herpes

The Zinc Treatment for Herpes

Many clinical trials have recently been done to find what can help reduce the severity and the frequency at which herpes breakouts occur.

Zinc has regularly been excel at reducing these outbreaks and makes them less noticeable for the patient. Herpes virus is notorious for reproducing itself and resurfacing regularly. Zinc can also cause these cells to have immunity and protection from the herpes virus, and help your body target the sick sells, causing the reproduction of the herpes outbreak to be stunted.

With the many treatments for herpes now being released and tested, Zinc can stand tall as a mineral to supplement any treatment and help you reduce the effects of herpes on you for good.

When starting out on a zinc supplement it is important to start with a small dosage of 30 mg a day. Eventually you can increase the dosage up to 60 or 90mg a day. Zinc should only be taken up to 15mg at a single time, so make sure to space out your doses throughout the day, and to use it primarily during a herpes outbreak so it is most effective.

You should also only take Zinc supplements when you are eating as you can feel weak and sick if you do not. Luckily, many foods also have high amounts of Zinc in them such as mushrooms, lamb, many kinds of seafood, and beef.
There isn’t a real cure for Herpes yet, but Zinc is going to be the closest we have for a while.

Combining a Zinc heavy diet with a zinc supplement and vitamins A and C you can reduce Herpes outbreaks by a massive amount and make living with genital Herpes much easier.

With Herpes effecting nearly twenty percent of our global population, there is a large demand for treatments, and while there are treatments for the symptoms, it can be confusing managing all the supplements, vitamins, and your diet. That is why a huge amount of people suffering from genital herpes will utilize these vitamins, lotions, and supplements and make their own skin washes.

These can sometimes combat herpes outbreaks and even go so far as to destroy the cells that are infecting with the virus. Online, many people offer up their own version of home brew remedies and skin washes, some of them more intense than others, but all of them serving as an option for you to combat the symptoms of genital herpes, and reduce outbreak frequency and the intensity at which they manifest.

With the huge amount of people out there looking for a cure, we are sure to get one here sometime, but until that day comes, treat the symptoms and live your life. Zinc is easy to find, and there are many supplements available for purchase as well as the ability to make your own medication and cream to combat the herpes infected cells. There are many options out there, and one of them is sure to fit your needs.